Anna Newbury is, simply put, a goddamn warrior queen Greek goddess. Forged in the fires of the Pacific Northwest, Anna brings passion, drive, and focus to everything she does. Anna is the founder of InteREACTive TheatreWorks, which produces high-quality and collaborative theatre productions and educational opportunities through the Artist Matrix. In addition to being a violence choreographer and a walking billboard for all that is great in human nature, Anna is also a specialized teacher in Mary Overlie’s Six Viewpoints technique, having trained with the Oracle directly. Anna is not only a teacher and fountain of immense theater knowledge (she is well on her way to “Oracle”status) but she, herself, is an actor of great depth and talent having played roles such as Marianne in Constellations (InteREACTive TheatreWorks), Cassius and Desdemona in Julius Caesar and Othello (The Rude Mechanicals), respectively, and W. in the well-reviewed and even better attended, staged reading of Lungs (Warm Beach Night Theatre Ensemble)...which was actually a date. To quote a New York Times review of the reading: “Anna is just really fucking good at life”. Like Batman, Anna enjoys living in New York. During her time there she was associated with companies such as SITI Company, Neutral Chaos, and was the inaugural recipient of the Minor Hero Honors Award, which is rewarded once in a lifetime to the person that is actually my hero and inspires me to do better in my life.

-In the words of Kevin Minor

Regional Review:

Florida - West Coast

Gruesome Playground Injuries
Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training



"Anna Newbury is a first rate talent now and in the making. Her magnificent performance as Kayleen scores at all ages. She is extraordinarily nuanced in the early adult years and later, shares layers of feeling connected to life as she has lived it so far."


~ William S. Oser 

Talkin Broadway

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Anna Newbury is currently based in Atlanta and is  taking a deep dive into acting for film after graduating with her MFA in Acting from the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training in spring of 2021. During the pandemic she was able to explore acting for the camera and quickly fell in love with the medium. She has a longstanding background in the theatre as an actor, director and movement artist, and looks forward to where her journey will take her next.